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        Flat twin screw barrel.

        Diameter: Φ Φ 200 ~ 62

        Length ratio: L/D: 18~25.

        Screw compression ratio is designed according to different raw materials and different products.

        It can process PVC pipe, profile, sheet (sheet), modification and soft and hard PVC granulation.

        Hardness: HV: greater than or equal to 290.

        Hardness of nitride: HV:950~1000.

        Nitriding depth: 0.45~0.7mm.

        Brittleness of nitrogen: less than or equal to one.

        Surface roughness: Ra0.4.

        Screw straightness: 0.015mm.

        Chromium plating thickness after nitride: greater than or equal to 900HV.

        Chromium plating thickness: 0.05~0.10mm.

        Double alloy hardness: 60-70.

        Alloy thickness: 0.8~2.0mm.